Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Happy Birthday Mummy

This is a card for mummy's birthday. It's the whole family. Daddy, Nanny, Mummy, Noah and Monkee. (the cat)

I love Lego

I love lego. Here are some things I made. I am sick and did not go to school. From the top - Ahhh this is a jet plane it's called. The next one is a car jet aeroplane. The next is the people of lego towers. And finally another lego jet areoplane.

Monday, 30 May 2011


I love footy. I go for the tigers. (their other name is Richmond) I play Auskick on Saturday. I can kick the ball high.  Here are some pics from my first ever Auskick.


Welcome to my blog

Hi my name is Oliver Prysten. Welcome to my website. I love my lego. I can make anything and will show you how. Then we can put it on a big screen. I am going to Bali and I will show you a picture of me kicking the football.

I am five years old and am at St Kilda Primary. Here is a photo of my brother and me. My brothers name is Noah and he is three (free) in a half.

I love my Lego and I can build towers.